The “Spice Library” consisting of over 120 spices, 20 of which are unique spices created at Aila, is a tribute to the historical Spice Market of the city and a unique design element as well as an add on to the dishes as guests can choose the spices they prefer in their dishes.

We are taking you on a journey throughout Turkey thanks to the spices in the library as we see them not only enhancers of taste but also as carriers of culture throughout Anatolia.

While creating the inventory of spices in our country, we are also working on unique signature spices. We are thrilled to share with you what we learned and developed on our journey and contribute to expanding your taste vocabulary with new flavors such as green olive powder, ground Aydın camel sausage, yogurt chips etc, all of which can also be purchased at the library for home use.


4.00 pm – 11.00 pm (Closed at Sunday)